The New Rebellion

The New Rebellion: These posts are from a book by Thomas Nelson Publishers. The new rebellion is calling today’s generation, people who are disillusioned with the MTV culture and half-hearted Christianity. This rebellion is for those who are intensely passionate about Jesus and are determined to live a purposeful life.

  1. Introduction to the New Rebellion
  2. Discerning God’s Will
  3. Sustaining Commitment
  4. Church and Community
  5. Fostering Contentment
  6. Cultivating Courage
  7. Determining Destiny
  8. Trust and Faith
  9. Forgiveness and Grace
  10. Giftedness and Talents
  11. Enhancing Your Health
  12. Heaven’s Aroma on Earth
  13. Intimacy with God
  14. Loving When It’s Hard
  15. Money and Materialism
  16. Expressing Passionate Faith
  17. Connecting in Prayer
  18. Ways to Influence People
  19. Spiritual Relevance in our World
  20. The Holy Spirit in Real Life
  21. Ways to Tell Your Story
  22. Surrendering Control of Your Life
  23. Spiritual Weapons and Warfare
  24. The Importance of Scripture
  25. Worship as a Way of Life


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