Men & Accountability

This is a topic that many men don’t want to discuss, accountability. We are ruggedly independent and often run from any outside accountability to others. We like being our own boss, at work, at home and in our private lives as well. This just might be the reason for the downfall of so many men today. If we are not accountable to another man who will get in our face when we go astray, we will likely find ourselves in a hole that keeps getting deeper and deeper.

These seven lessons come out of Exodus 17, focusing on the life of Moses and Joshua.

  1. Moses, a shepherd’s staff, living victoriously
  2. Why accountability is so important
  3. Resting places, being comfortable, becoming vulnerable
  4. Being alone, and the key to victory
  5. Victory is never easy, the enemy is always after you
  6. The concept of mentoring
  7. Remember the victories and pass it on


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