In this section you will find useful resources in the area of teaching, learning, education, leadership training.

  1. Shepherding God’s People – Leader Training Series
  2. The Seven Laws of the Learner
  3. The Seven Laws of the Teacher
  4. Servant Leadership – Lead Like Jesus
  5. Willow Creek Leadership Summit
  6. Maxwell’s Levels of Leadership
  7. Maxwell’s Essentials of Leadership
  8. Leadership is About Modeling
  9. Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Seminar Notes
  10. Servant Leadership Devotional
  11. Identifying Leadership Potential
  12. Who is this Woman Preaching in my Bible?
  13. Following God’s Leadership
  14. Church Leadership Assumptions
  15. Ten Leadership Lessons
  16. Maxwell’s REAL Leadership
  17. How to Build Trust
  18. Bear Bryant’s Secret of Success
  19. Sheep are Led, Not Driven
  20. The Jethro Principle
  21. Praying for Volunteers
  22. Seven Steps to Success
  23. Being a Spiritual Leader
  24. Are You a Reluctant Leader?
  25. To Serve or Not to Serve?
  26. Maxwell’s Connecting With Others
  27. Leaders Must Have Vision
  28. Leaders Guard Their Integrity
  29. Leaders are Encouragers
  30. Leaders Exercise Self Control
  31. Leaders Mentor Others
  32. How to be an Above Average Leader
  33. Criticizing God’s Leaders
  34. Leaders and Bosses
  35. Completing Successful Projects – Nehemiah
  36. Are Your Qualified for Service?
  37. Nine Things a Leader Must Do

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