The Life of Paul

The Life of Paul: This is a project out of my reading Beth Moore’s book called, To Live is Christ: Embracing the Passion of Paul. I’ve taken her main outline and and themes and tailored these lessons toward men’s ministry.

  1. Set Apart from Birth
  2. The Son of a Pharisee
  3. Love the Lord or Love the Law?
  4. The Frat Brothers of Saul
  5. Forgiveness, Faith and Fear
  6. A Sudden Change of Plans
  7. A Sudden Change of Focus
  8. How to Keep from Stumbling
  9. Where to Hear from God
  10. Run Away or Trust God?
  11. Life Can be Hard
  12. Don’t Make it Any Harder
  13. Divide and Multiply
  14. Leaving a Legacy
  15. Following God’s Leadership
  16. The Berean Example
  17. To an Unknown God
  18. With Fear and Trembling
  19. Paul and His Vow
  20. Manifesting God’s Glory
  21. Leadership and Wisdom
  22. He Died in the Service
  23. The Sad Goodbye
  24. Joy in the Journey
  25. When Life is Unscripted
  26. How Paul Shared His Faith
  27. Paul Had a Clear Conscience
  28. Paul and the Inconvenient Gospel
  29. Resurrection Investigation
  30. An Anchor in the Storm
  31. An Umbrella in the Storm
  32. An Island in the Storm
  33. Authentic Christian Community
  34. People’s Hearts are Calloused

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