The Journey of Grief

These are a series of articles to help heal those experiencing grief through better understand of the process of grief. It is like being on a journey; it has a starting point, but the ending destination is a bit ambiguous. This information is a combination of my limited notes from a support group called GriefShare, and from the writings of June Hunt, founder of Hope for the Heart.

  1. Living at Peace with Loss
  2. What is Grief?
  3. What is Healthy Grief Work?
  4. How to Know You Are Grieving
  5. Stages of Healthy Grieving
  6. Unhealthy Types of Grief
  7. Acceptable Stages of Grief
  8. Guidelines for Healthy Grieving
  9. How Loss Relates to Grief

Most of this information comes from Hunt, J. (2008). Biblical Counseling Keys on Grief Recovery: Living at Peace with Loss. Dallas, TX: Hope For The Heart.

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