This page includes links to my teaching notes for my classes, and study notes on my reading.

  1. Biblical Counseling
  2. Biblical Supervision in Ministry
  3. Connecting with Others
  4. EntreLeadership Seminar
  5. Know the Words of Jesus
  6. Know Why You Believe
  7. LifeShapes Discipleship Strategy
  8. Mentoring 101
  9. Sermons
  10. Simple Church
  11. Small Group Information
  12. The Disciple-Making Pastor
  13. The Lame Man at the Gate
  14. The Life of Paul
  15. The Mind of Paul
  16. The Miracle of Life Change
  17. The New Rebellion
  18. The Passion-Driven Sermon
  19. The Secrets of the Vine
  20. The Will of God
  21. Making Good Decisions
  22. Are All Sins Equally Bad?
  23. What About the Manifestation Gifts?


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