Experiencing God

Here I have typed out personal notes, observations and insights from our Experiencing God class held at King’s Grant Baptist Church, January – March 2013.

  1. Jesus is Our Way
  2. Jesus is Our Model
  3. Learning to be a Servant
  4. The Seven Realities
  5. God-centered vs. Self-centered
  6. God’s Plan vs. Our Plans
  7. God Takes the Initiative
  8. God Speaks to His People
  9. God Speaks with a Purpose
  10. A Love Relationship with God
  11. We are Created for Eternity
  12. What is this Love Relationship?
  13. God Takes the Initiative
  14. How is God Personal?
  15. Knowing God Through Experience
  16. Worship God’s Name
  17. Loving God and Obedience
  18. Where God is at Work
  19. How God Has Spoken
  20. Summary for the Week
  21. What Happens During Prayer?
  22. The Silence of God
  23. God’s Perspective in Circumstances
  24. Hearing the Truth
  25. Spiritual Markers in Your Life
  26. The Body of Christ, the Church
  27. God’s Will and the Church

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2 Replies to “Experiencing God”

  1. Bart Walker

    Hi. I stumbled across your blog while working on video which illustrates the words of the Book of Daniel. In looking over your posts and class notes I felt there was a topic area which you did not address. Have you ever listen to the video series by Robert Morris entitled “The God I Never Knew”? I highly recommend it.

    God Bless You!

    Bart Walker

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