God’s Plan vs. Our Plans

In  the Bible we must remember who accomplishes these great acts… who delivered the people of Israel out of Egypt? We tend to say Moses, but it was actually God who delivered them (Psalm 81:10-12) using Moses to do it. Moses tried to assert himself and be the deliverer (Exodus 2:11-15) and failed. It was 40 years later that God sent him back to bring God’s people out.

Understanding what God is about to do where I am is more important than telling God what I want to do for him.

God’s way is always the best way. When God reveals what he is up to, it is our responsibility to adjust our lives to what God is about to do.

The prophets had a two-fold message:

  1. The desire of God was to call the people back to himself.
  2. The people are closer to the time of judgment than ever before.
    1. Tell the people what I have been doing.
    2. Tell the people what I am doing.
    3. Tell the people what I am about to do.

So, how do we adjust our lives toward what God is doing in our personal life, family life, church life, work life, community and nation?

Martin Luther went against the established church when he came to understand that the just shall live by faith, and what it means to be saved… and brought about a great Reformation.

Charles and John Wesley prevented a bloody revolution (like in France) by initiating a sweeping revival in England.

When God wants to interrupt your life for something great, we often react with a self-centered way by declaring, “I’m not trained, so I can’t do it…” This focus is totally on SELF. We try to give God all the reason that he has chosen the wrong person for the job.

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