Making Good Decisions

There is no magic formula for making good decisions, but there are guidelines to follow. These articles can help all of us to make good decisions.

  1. Making Godly Decisions
  2. Ways that We Make Decisions
  3. How to Please God
  4. Testing Our Decisions
  5. Developing Spiritual Discernment
  6. My Seminar on How to Know God’s Will

Wednesday Evening Class Topics (Fall 2012):

  1. Why is God Silent?
  2. Hard, Difficult and Painful Decisions
  3. God’s Unique Design and Choices
  4. How to Make Wise Decisions
  5. What About Some Good Advice?
  6. Decision-Making and Prayer
  7. How Does God Speak to Us?
  8. What if I Make the Wrong Decision?
  9. Worry Free Decisions

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