The Mind of Paul

The Mind of St. Paul: This information is from a book by William Barclay called the Mind of Saint Paul. It is full of Scripture on the topic for each section.

  1. Paul and the Jewish World
  2. Paul and the Greek World
  3. Paul’s Thinking About God
  4. Paul and the Divine Initiative
  5. Paul and the Call of God
  6. Paul’s Thinking About Christ
  7. Paul and the Incarnation
  8. Paul and the Work of Christ
  9. Paul and the Death of Christ
  10. Paul and the Risen Christ
  11. Paul and Being in Christ
  12. Paul’s Concept of Faith
  13. Paul’s Concept of Grace
  14. Paul’s Thinking About the Spirit
  15. Paul’s Thinking About Sin
  16. Paul’s Concept of the Flesh
  17. Paul’s Concept of Parousia
  18. Paul’s Concept of the Church
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