Intimacy with God

Christians talk about the presence of God, and I suppose it sounds rather odd to those who are not followers of Jesus. When we talk about Jesus being alive today, and that He walks with me and He talks with me, it’s the realization that we do not go through this life alone. It is an understanding of Christianity is all about, the resurrection and the Holy Spirit taking up residence in the life of a believer. God really does walk with us through the dark valleys of life. For many believers, getting closer to God is a heartfelt desire and worthwhile goal, but how can we draw nearer to God?


During those times you sit in the presence of God and your heart sighs for him, what is it you are sighing for? Understand that your sighing originated in his heart. — Graham Cooke

It is when we notice the dirt, that God is most present in us; it is the very sign of his presence. — C. S. Lewis

Whenever we move into a new spiritual dimension of our calling and ministry, we must take the time to upgrade our relationship with God. — Graham Cooke

Top 10 Ways to Draw Closer to God:

  1. Each morning when you wake up, start thanking God for the new day.
  2. Sing or say words that tell God how big and beautiful He is.
  3. Take one whole day to just be with God; to journal, pray and listen.
  4. Read books that draw you closer to God and enlarge your view of Him.
  5. Practice sitting quietly with your mind clear and free of other thoughts, to listen.
  6. Memorize a new verse each week from God’s own writings.
  7. Pray the Bible; let its truths examine you and lead you to the Truth.
  8. Carry on a conversation with God throughout the day.
  9. Let Jesus carry your heavy thoughts, complex issues and unsolvable problems.
  10. Learn God’s love language called “pursuit” (Jeremiah 29:13)
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