The New Rebellion

I found a provocative book called The New Rebellion Handbook: A Holy Uprising Making Real the Extraordinary in Everyday Life. Here are but a few thought provoking items from it. I would encourage all who seek to join this army to purchase the book and support the authors.

Rebellion occurs when oppression reaches a level that we can no longer tolerate in good conscience. It occurs when our vision for extraordinary living is more compelling than our urge for comfort. Materialism numbs us while distraction and apathy work on us from the inside.

The new rebellion is calling today’s generation, people who are disillusioned with the MTV culture and half-hearted Christianity. This rebellion equips us with powerful tools for partnering with God to change His world. This rebellion is for those who are intensely passionate about Jesus and are determined to live a purposeful life. We have a nothing-is-impossible mindset. Jesus is not meek and mild, but mighty and wild!

The book has 24 real-world, cutting-edge themes of life. This book is a wealth of resources; fresh ideas, Web sites, book, music, stories from ancient and contemporary figures (rebels themselves) who offer a compelling invitation into kingdom purpose. I’ll share the information here over the next few weeks.

The Top 10 Reasons to Join the New Rebellion:

  1. You are intensely passionate for Jesus and His kingdom.
  2. You really want to live a life of eternal significance.
  3. You resent the apathy that derails many of Jesus’ followers.
  4. You’re willing to swim against today’s social currents.
  5. You know God is already stirring your heart for action.
  6. You’re looking for tools to empower your purpose.
  7. You want to live out God’s ancient wisdom in a relevant way.
  8. You desire to experience God and invite others into that experience.
  9. You’re absolutely dedicated to Christ’s lordship in your life.
  10. You’re ready to move in the power and authority of God.

The information listed in this category is from the book.

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