Free Market Small Groups

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Most churches only have pre-set kinds of groups which come from the leadership. But when you’re dealing with tens of thousands, how do you find enough niches to fit each individual? Breaking the large church into effective small groups is a constant challenge.

They developed the concept of Free Market Small Groups to deal with the challenges inherent in small group formation, emphasizing trust in God’s working, mentorship, and empowering their members. In the Free Market system of small groups, the members who host small groups choose the topic of study, when and where to meet, and what their group does. The Church does not dictate what the small groups will be and doesn’t create a complicated structure and meeting agenda for these groups.

The Free Market idea works because the group members are more passionate about their group. The group leaders are interested and experienced in the focus of the group, and are enthusiastic about inviting others to join their group. The group members and leaders may naturally have more contacts in the areas of their interest and have more success in asking new people to come. Additionally, when members are interested and engaged in the group, they are less likely to become burned out.

This Free Market structure for small groups also allows for the ebb and flow of the seasons, life schedules, and individual interests. The small groups can take breaks that coincide with school calendars, for instance. The sessions run much like school semesters, taking December off, and then restarting again in January. Rather than running small groups the entire summer, the session is shorter, just about a month long.

[ From Rich Birch, Unreasonable Churches ]

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