Personal and Public Renewal

Today the staff focused on a passage of Scripture this morning and had a great discussion; Acts 4:1-13. The title was the Minister’s Devotional Life, focusing on the phrase, “if we are being examined,” from the life of Peter and John before the religious leaders in Jerusalem.

The first reading was to focus on a key word or phrase in relation to our personal life, then another reading through the passage focusing on what this might mean for our corporate life at King’s Grant.

Here are a few of my observations before we discussed the passage:

  1. Anger – Acts 4:1-2
  2. Arrest – Acts 4:3
  3. Addition – Acts 4:4
  4. Answer – Acts 4:10

Another broad outline for this section could be:

  1. Problems – Acts 4:1-4 – religious leaders and incredible numbers
  2. Priests – Acts 4:5-7 – the adversaries
  3. Power – Acts 4:8-9 – the miracle
  4. Proof – Acts 4:10 – the healed man
  5. Prophecy – Acts 4:11, quoting Psalm 118:22 regarding Jesus’ rejection
  6. Priority – Acts 4:12 – no other name
  7. Pardon – Acts 4:12 – salvation
  8. Perception – Acts 4:13 – just ordinary men

Connection with the Text:

  1. Personally, what God is saying to me…
    1. Teach the people – Acts 4:2
    2. Proclaim the resurrection – Acts 4:2
    3. Be filled with the Holy Spirit – Acts 4:8
    4. Exhibit boldness – Acts 4:13
    5. Exhibit authenticity and genuineness – Acts 4:13
  2. Publically, what God may have for King’s Grant…
    1. People need to hear the Word of God – Acts 4:4
    2. People who hear would believe – Acts 4:4
    3. People would connect theology with practicality
    4. People would recognize that members have been with Jesus

Personal Reflection:

  1. May I teach and proclaim Jesus in every opportunity
  2. May I be filled with the Holy Spirit and consistently make Christ known
  3. May I be bold and give evidence of having been with Jesus
  4. May I have a renewed sense of urgency in sharing the gospel and equipping others in their ministry of reconciliation
  5. May I see individual who have needs rather than only see the crowds

Staff and Church Issues:

  1. Our journey is ordained by God, for each of us – we are on this staff for a reason
  2. Don’t assume that we know where God wants us to be, but listen for his voice and recognize his leading
  3. God speaks in a group, not just to individuals
  4. The apostles were examined – the church is not without its critics
  5. Peter and John were uneducated and untrained men – God can use each and every one of us as he sees fit
  6. We are also called to take risks – get out of our comfort zones, and challenge our people to do the same
  7. Peter called the religious leaders, “The Builders” (Acts 4:11, quoting Psalm 118:22) which seems to parallel that older, founding members may desire to protect the established system that was built and resist the changes that an encounter with Christ may bring.
  8. There tends to be a chasm of discontent – between the kingdoms of men and the Kingdom of God – perspectives, preferences, and concepts.
  9. Our motivation for ministry must be in the area of mending and restoring. How can we help the establishment to choose fruit over potential risk?
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