Promotion for a Men’s Conference

I saw this video online and laughed out loud. I am a fan of ministry for and to men; there is such a great need to develop men to strengthen marriages and families. Check out the Men of Steel page above (that does not mean “abs of steel” like you see on the video). I would love to find creative people who can come up with promotion ideas like this. btw, God, that is a request to bring people to King’s Grant.

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The Supervisory Conference

This regularly scheduled supervisory conference provides the routine that will bind much of the anxiety which normally occurs in a supervisory relationship. It is not a staff meeting. It is a one-on-one conference where each party helps develop the agenda.

Before the Conference Preparation: (independently for both supervisor and supervisee)

  1. Review written notes from previous meeting
  2. Set goals and priorities
  3. Develop your agenda

The Conference:

  1. Break the ice – small talk
  2. Negotiate the agenda – yours and theirs
  3. Review any carryover items from last meeting
  4. Work through the prioritized agenda
  5. Preview next meeting – what needs to be carried forward
  6. Calendar time and place of next meeting

After the Conference:

  1. Take notes for future sessions (independently for both)
  2. Debrief the meeting (for supervisor)
    1. Facts – observations
    2. Feelings – Impressions
    3. Future issues needing work

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