The Supervisory Conference

This regularly scheduled supervisory conference provides the routine that will bind much of the anxiety which normally occurs in a supervisory relationship. It is not a staff meeting. It is a one-on-one conference where each party helps develop the agenda.

Before the Conference Preparation: (independently for both supervisor and supervisee)

  1. Review written notes from previous meeting
  2. Set goals and priorities
  3. Develop your agenda

The Conference:

  1. Break the ice – small talk
  2. Negotiate the agenda – yours and theirs
  3. Review any carryover items from last meeting
  4. Work through the prioritized agenda
  5. Preview next meeting – what needs to be carried forward
  6. Calendar time and place of next meeting

After the Conference:

  1. Take notes for future sessions (independently for both)
  2. Debrief the meeting (for supervisor)
    1. Facts – observations
    2. Feelings – Impressions
    3. Future issues needing work

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