MercyMe Music Videos

Kim and I just saw the movie, “I Can Only Imagine” and will highly recommend it to you. Not only a great song but when you know the story behind the song and the band, the film is that much more significant.

While I’m at it, this song came out in the band’s early years. Our ISC/Journeyman Team at the IMB recommended that our creative videographers to get with the band and shoot a music video, this one is “Here Am I” (think missions and evangelism)…

And how can you forget this one, another story about his father, goes well with the film…

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The Spirit of Thankfulness

How will they “know we are Christians?” You know the song and the answer, “by our love.” With all our churches around, why do so many people still go hungry? Powered by Jars of Clay singing “One in the Spirit,” this powerful video gives us a Thanksgiving challenge.

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Natalie Grant Sings Held

This Natalie Grant song has powerful lyrics; most of us can identify with the emotion of praying for healing or rescue and it did not come as we expected. God promises to go through the hurt with us. Many of the faithful in the Old Testament died before realizing the promise, but remained faithful until the end (Hebrews 11).

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