Successful Ministry Partnerships

Roy Smith of the Norfolk Area Baptist Association wrote this in the NABA newsletter for September 2011:

Doug M. Carter shares some key principles of partnership in his book, Raising More Than Money. Doug is the Senior Vice President of EQUIP, which was founded by John Maxwell. Doug’s book is for everyone who desires to give generously, joyfully, and strategically for maximum kingdom impact. These principles will enable any partnership (or association) to engage in world-impacting ministry.

  1. Partnerships are about multiplication: Partnerships multiply skills, energy, creativity, resources, and results.
  2. Partnerships must be based on trust: To establish and maintain trust, each partner must exhibit both competence and flawless character. Once trust exists, often a handshake will mark the launch of a partnership. Integrity must remain at the heart for any partnership to last.
  3. Partnerships are formed to accomplish a shared goal or mission: They should meet real needs in the lives of the people they serve.
  4. Partnerships are always in process: Building trust and establishing structures and guidelines for ministry together will not happen instantly.
  5. Partnerships are formed around the strengths of each partner: One partner complements the other, bringing needed expertise and/or resources to the table.
  6. Partnerships have conditions: Effective partnerships require long-term commitment, open and regular communication, generosity, flexibility, and a focus on the big picture. The solidity of a partnership is conditional upon a dedication to these issues.

Ministry partners must do five things exceedingly well:

  1. Consecrate – commit to God and one another.
  2. Concentrate – focus on the mission.
  3. Communicate – connect frequently. Silence, not distance, separates us.
  4. Cultivate – invest in the relationship and learn to serve each other.
  5. Celebrate – rejoice with one another, always sharing credit for the victory.

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2 Replies to “Successful Ministry Partnerships”

  1. Benjamin Thang

    I would like to be one of your partners or colleagues for the kingdom of God in Myanmar. I have successfully completed the Certificate of Church Music at the Grace Music Institute and I received the Bachelor of Theology at a Bible College. I had served the Lord three years as a probationary Pastor at a village , as a Youth Secretary two years in our church. As I am deeply interested in your ministry, I write to you in the hope that you will be able to employ me as a partner in your ministry. I, therefore, wish to apply for the post of partners, advertised in the website. Should I be selected as your co-worker/colleague in Myanmar, I give you my word of honor to carry out my duties to the best of my ability. I am eager to know your thoughts and the matter. Please just drop me a line and let me know your position. Thanking you.

    Yours truly,

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