The Hiring Dilemma

Would You Have Hired Any of Jesus’ Disciples?

This is a great question which leads us to hiring in the church. Well, that seems obvious to me because we are in the process of hiring a director of children’s ministries. There is the age-old debate on hiring for education and experience, but on the other hand we can hire for experience, character, and competence.

Listen to Craig Groeschel on the topic… it’s only about 5 minutes…

Hiring Principles of Jesus:

  1. Jesus chose people others overlooked. We may find hidden or not so obvious talents and abilities.
  2. Jesus passed on those trained by the traditional system. No religious leaders were a part of his inner circle. Maybe he could train them better than the tradition route. Spiritually minded business people might be better qualified than a seminary graduate. It depends on your culture and context. Jesus saw qualities in the disciples that others undervalued. Jesus knew they could advance the mission. 
  3. Jesus had a very intentional onboarding and training process. He invested in his team and the details of their lives. 
  4. Jesus delegated full authority for them to carry on his vision and mission. After training, now he sent them out… He told them WHAT to do, WHERE to do it, but not HOW to do it, he empowered them to get it done. 
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