What the Disciples Witnessed

Since the first disciples of Jesus watched Jesus so closely, believing him to be a person worth investigating, what did they actually observe?

What Did the Disciples Witness?

  1. Jesus focused evangelistic efforts on friends, John 1:40-41, 43-45.
  2. Jesus cast a vision of what people could be, John 1:42.
  3. Jesus refused to allow people to be exploited in church, John 2:14-17.
  4. Jesus allowed people to investigate his claims in the shadows, John 3:2.
  5. Jesus used a tailor-made approach to witnessing, John 3:1-21, 4:7-26.
  6. Jesus gave them an introductory exposure to the nature of his ministry, John 3:35-36.
  7. Baptism of new converts, John 4:1-2.
  8. Jesus demonstrated that prejudice does not stand in the way of ministry, John 4:4, 9, 27.
  9. Jesus challenged them to value the spiritual (eternal) over the physical (temporal), John 4:8, 31-34.
  10. Jesus challenged them to see the harvest, John 4:35.
  11. Jesus challenged them to consider the urgency of evangelism, John 4:35.
  12. Jesus introduced team evangelism, John 4:36-38.
  13. Jesus gave them time to embrace the vision, a great harvest of souls, John 4:43.

The Six Actual Commands at This Level

  1. COME and SEE (present imperative) John 1:39
  2. REPENT and BELIEVE, Mark 1:15
  3. DO NOT FEAR, Luke 12:5, 7
  4. BEWARE, BE ON YOUR GUARD, Luke 12:15
  5. BAPTIZING (present participle), Matthew 28:19
  6. LIFT UP and LOOK ON (aorist imperative), John 4:35

[Based on my classes with Richard D. Leineweber, Jr. c. 2000]

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