30-Day Husband Challenge – Day 01

I found something interesting that the Men of Steel can do over the next 30-day period. This 30-day challenge might take you down paths you haven’t been before. It will require contemplation, vulnerability, and action. Some steps along the way may be scary because you haven’t thought these thoughts or spoken these words in a long time, but the thoughts and feelings are there and both you and your wife need to hear and experience them.

For the next 30 days, these two ground rules will be the basis of your relationship with your wife:

  1. You can’t say anything negative about your wife… to your wife… or to anyone else about your wife.
  2. Say something that you admire or appreciate about your wife… to your wife… or to someone else about your wife every day.

Keep track, mentally if not in written form, of the changes that you see take place in your wife, your marriage, and your home as you take part in this 30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge.

Day One: The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’ Genesis 2:18

As a Christian, you must know that men and women bring to the marriage different strengths, gifts, and outlooks on life and love. Think about some ways that your wife is “good for you,” ways in which she makes you and/or your life better. Is she the one that brings color to your life by decorating the home and making it enjoyable to come home? Does she inspire you to try new things that you wouldn’t have tried otherwise? Do you still get that warm, gushy feeling when she looks at you and smiles to tell you that she is glad you chose her?

  1. Make a list of ways your life is better because of your wife.
  2. Share the list with your wife and tell her how good it is that she is your helper and that you are not alone.

These words, coming from the most important man in her life, will bring great joy and encouragement to your wife.

* Written and distributed by Claudia J. Pate, www.theanniversaryshop.wordpress.com


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5 Replies to “30-Day Husband Challenge – Day 01”

  1. Rachel

    Just discovered this 30-day husband challenge. I’m a wife, but from what I’ve read of the first few days I don’t see any reason why I can’t use it as a 30-day wife challenge. Here goes – and I pray God will bless my husband through this and restore my marriage.

  2. Scott Chafee Post author

    The entire 30 Day Wife or Husband Encouragement Challenge is also available in PDF format. You may request it ONLY by emailing the author at claudia @ theanniversaryshop.com (be sure to remove spaces around @ intended to fool spammers).

  3. Carlos Smith

    Hello. I really like this and I’m gonna do day one. Is there any way I can get the while 30 days? Please. Thanks

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