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Kim and I are a part of the Friends of Chande, a group of people who are committed to supporting and promoting the Chande Orphanage Project in Kitwe, Zambia. I learned of this need only this morning (11/29/2010) and want to pass it on in an appeal to those who are able to help.


Dear Friends of Chande,

Strong winds ripped the roof off of the Chande building this afternoon around 17:40 hrs Zambian time. The damage is extensive, we have lost 60 roofing sheets and timber, and it will take about $5000 USD to fix. See the pictures (below) of the damaged roof. I’m therefore kindly appealing to all well-wishers to come to our aid. This is an emergency. The cost of one 7-meter long roofing sheet is $70 USD. We need 60 sheets. There may be someone out there who would want to buy a sheet, we would be very grateful to such a one. It would take 60 people giving $70 each to buy the replacement sheets.

Patrick Chanda
Pastor of Chamboli and Ndeke Baptist Churches
Director of the Chande Orphanage

Here is an Update on the Roof Situation, from Ed Miller:

This past week (early December), our church members and friends gave $2150 toward the roofing damage at the orphanage. In addition, I received confirmation of $210 more coming in the next few days. Also, two other churches have contributed $2500 so we are near our goal of $5000.

In addition, I heard from another church that said they were going to help. I’m excited to see how God continues to bless and be a testimony that even in times of trouble He can and will provide for this faith project.

I talked to Patrick on Saturday and they have the roof covered with tarps in order that they protect the ceiling boards over the damaged areas while they are repairing. I praise the Lord for the quick response to this emergency.

Send your tax-deductible donation to:
Inglewood Baptist Church
1901 S Carrier Pkwy
Grand Prairie, Texas 75051-3756
Put “Chande Baptist Orphanage” in the memo line

Roof Damage at Chande Orphanage

Roof Damage at the Chande Orphanage

This ministry is much more than just caring for orphans; missionary Ed Miller sent me this information about how the Chande ministry has been involved in church planting:

Linda and I will be taking a team to Zambia in April. We have 14 others signed up. Also have two other churches that have enlisted teams that will be going. Also wanted you to know that the orphanage ministry has expanded and in the last four years those from the orphanage ministry have been responsible for starting 40 churches in Congo. I went last October to help train pastors. There are a couple of teams going this coming year to help train the Congolese pastors and church leaders.

Amazing impact on the children, and on the world around them. God is so good!

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2 Replies to “Chande Orphanage in Need”

  1. Larry

    Is there any update on the roofing situation? Did they receive enough funds to cover the repair cost?

  2. Scott Chafee Post author

    Hey Larry, I communicated with Ed Miller in Texas and he indicated that God orchestrated a great work among the people in the States; a number of churches got involved. I have not heard about the status of the repair, but God provided what was needed to get the roof fixed. Thanks for asking, and keep praying for the Chande ministry.

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