Knowing God Through Experience

You will never be satisfied with just knowing about God. We often try but this always proves to be lacking and deficient. Life is so defeated when we just know about God, just a lot of facts and stats from the Bible. Knowing him comes only through experiencing him as he reveals himself to you.

I love that story of Moses at the burning bush (Exodus 3-4). God initiates a relationship with Moses by speaking through that bush that burned yet was not being consumed. Eventually Moses asks the “elephant in the room” question, “When they ask me the name of this God who sent me, what am I supposed to tell them?” God tells him, “Tell them I AM THAT I AM has sent you” (Exodus 3:13-14). Moses comes to know God more fully through experience.

Abraham similarly came to know God more fully through experience. God asked him to sacrifice his only son, the son of promise, the one he loves. It was a test of obedience. God stopped the sacrifice and provided a ram in place of his son, and Abraham passed the test. The event was significant in the life of Abraham and he named the place, YHWH Yireh, “The LORD will Provide.”

Interestingly enough, Abraham did not use the past tense (since the ram was already provided), he used a “future” language. The significance is that this is the same location that generations from that time, God would provide the ultimate sacrifice of his own Son to provide salvation for the whole world (Genesis 22:14). God’s provision “will be seen.”

The next question is for us, “When and where have you experienced God so fully, intimately, and significantly that you actually are able to NAME that place?” How did you come to experience God? What name did you call him? This story in your life may be your salvation story, or it may be a time since your salvation where God became a real person to you. I’d love to hear your story.

If your interested, I have a list of Names of God throughout the Bible.

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Movie Names with “Preacher”

As part of a Twitter hashtag #ReplaceMovieNamesWithPreacher, I thought I’d list my top 100 (mine and others) worth sharing:

  1. My Big Fat Greek Preacher
  2. Willy Wonka and the Preacher Factory (aka seminary)
  3. The Preacher Trilogy:
    1. The Preacher’s Identity
    2. The Preacher’s Supremacy
    3. The Preacher’s Ultimatum
  4. Mortal Preacher or Preacher Kombat
  5. Preachers in Black, starring Freewill Smith
  6. Preacher on Elm Street
  7. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Preachers
  8. The Manchurian Preacher
  9. Preachers of the Caribbean: at World’s End
  10. Jurassic Preacher: the Lost World
  11. The Fast and the Furious Preacher
  12. Lord of the Rings:
    1. Fellowship of the Preacher
    2. Two Towering Preachers
    3. Return of the Preacher
  13. The X-Preachers
  14. The Preacher’s Wife… wait, that didn’t work
  15. Narnia: the Lion, the Preacher and the Wardrobe
  16. Napoleon Dynamite Preacher
  17. An American Preacher in Paris
  18. Broke Back Preacher
  19. Gang of Preachers
  20. Preacher at the Museum
  21. Diary of a Mad Black Preacher
  22. The Pink Preacher
  23. Dirty Rotten Preachers
  24. Look Who’s Preaching
  25. The Preacher of the Opera
  26. Abraham Lincoln, Preacher Hunter
  27. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Preacher
  28. Dances with Preachers
  29. Star Trek II: the Wrath of the Preacher
  30. One Flew Over the Preacher’s Nest
  31. Four Weddings and a Preacher
  32. Honey I Shrunk the Preacher
  33. Star Wars: the Preacher Strikes Back
  34. Preacher Versus Predator
  35. The Good, the Bad and the Preacher
  36. The Preacher Redemption
  37. Spike Lee’s, Preach the Right Thing
  38. The Last Preacher of Scotland
  39. The Preacher’s Speech
  40. The Day the Preacher Stood Still
  41. Preachers on a Plane
  42. The Preacher with the Dragon Tattoo
  43. O Preacher, Where Art Thou?
  44. Snow White and the Seven Preachers
  45. All Preachers Go to Heaven
  46. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Preacher
  47. Despicable Preacher
  48. 101 Preachers
  49. The Preacher Kid, or the Karate Preacher
  50. The Passion of the Preacher
  51. Indiana Jones and the Preacher of Doom
  52. Dial P for Preacher
  53. The Preacher Wears Prada
  54. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Preacher
  55. Gone with the Preacher
  56. The Preacher from the Black Lagoon
  57. The League of Extraordinary Preachers
  58. Beauty and the Preacher
  59. Blazing Preachers
  60. How to Lose a Preacher in 10 Days
  61. Preacher’s Just Not That in to You
  62. Jungle Preacher
  63. Preacher Got Mail
  64. We Were Preachers
  65. The Never-ending Preacher
  66. Preacher Hears a Who
  67. Million Dollar Preacher
  68. Lady and the Preacher
  69. The Best Little Preacher in Texas
  70. It’s a Wonderful Preacher
  71. The Preachers of Madison County
  72. Harry Potter and the Preacher of Fire
  73. Saving Preacher Ryan
  74. Preacher Age: the Meltdown
  75. Eat, Pray, Preach
  76. Monty Python and the Holy Preacher
  77. Indiana Jones and the Last Preacher
  78. Paul Blart: Mall Preacher
  79. Preachers in the Outfield
  80. Preach in 60 Seconds
  81. Bend it Like Preacher
  82. A Few Good Preachers
  83. Harry Potter and the Deathly Preacher
  84. The Amazing Preacher-Man
  85. Dead Preacher’s Society
  86. Top Gun Preacher
  87. The Emperor’s New Preacher
  88. High School Preacher: 1, 2 and 3
  89. Preacher 2: Judgment Day
  90. Mighty Morphing Power Preachers
  91. Preachers Inc.
  92. Talladega Preacher
  93. The Sound of Preachers
  94. Preach Another Day
  95. You Only Preach Twice
  96. Preachers Are Forever
  97. Live and Let Preach
  98. License to Preach
  99. I know What you Preached Last Summer
  100. Dude, Where’s My Preacher

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