Worship God’s Name

It is interesting that in biblical Hebrew, the name represented a person’s character or nature. To call upon one’s name was to seek his presence. So basically, to praise God’s NAME was to praise HIM. Look at these verses and see how this works:

  • Bless his name (Psalm 96:2)
  • Call upon his name (Psalm 80:18)
  • Declare his name (Psalm 22:22)
  • Fear his name (Psalm 86:11)
  • Give thanks to his name (Psalm 106:47)
  • Bring glory to his name (Psalm 86:9)
  • Glory in his name (Psalm 105:3)
  • Hope in his name (Psalm 52:9)
  • Know his name (Psalm 9:10)
  • Lift up hands in his name (Psalm 63:4)
  • Love his name (Psalm 5:11)
  • Praise his name (Psalm 44:8)
  • Rejoice in his name (Psalm 89:15-16)
  • Remember his name (Psalm 119:55)
  • Seek his name (Psalm 83:16)
  • Sing praise to his name (Psalm 7:17)
  • Shout his name (Psalm 66:4)
  • Trust in his Name (Psalm 33:21)

For an authentic worship experience, try using the attached document as a guide. It is a list of all the names of God found in the Bible: Father Son and Holy Spirit. Pronounce each name and allow the name to direct your attention and worship to HIM. Praise him, thank him, give him the glory that he alone deserves.

[ The Names of God ]

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