Why We Don’t Make Disciples

David Platt, pastor of the Church at Brook Hills and author of Radical, presents a compelling argument regarding the importance of missions and the understanding of discipleship. If we truly understood evangelism, the gospel, and salvation, the Great Commission would compel us toward growing in faith and reaching the lost.

Since Jesus came to save the world from sin, how can we say that those who have never heard of Jesus will somehow get a pass, after all, they have never heard the name of Jesus? In essence this argument claims that “ignorance is bliss.”

  1. If this is true, Jesus would not have given us the Great Commission.
  2. If this was true, the absolute worst thing we could do would be to send missionaries to tell them about Jesus because now they are forced into making a decision and could end up in hell if they don’t choose to follow Christ.

If they get a pass having never heard of Jesus, that would mean there were innocent people on these other continents that would have made it to heaven had we not forced them into a decision. The trouble with this line of thought is that there are NO innocent people on this planet. No not one.

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Christian Baptism

Have you been baptized since you have received Jesus as Lord and Savior?

Baptism always comes after salvation but its not necessary for salvation. It is a response of obedience to Jesus Christ as Lord (Acts 2:38, 41). Baptism is your first opportunity to publicly tell others that you have given control of your life to Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20).

God has a Purpose:

  • Fact – We declare our new life in Christ through baptism, Acts 2:41, 8:35-38, 16:25-34.
  • Fact – Baptism is a spiritual illustration of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection, Romans 6:3-5.

Our Need:

  • Fact – We need to confess Jesus before others in baptism soon after we receive salvation through Jesus Christ, Matthew 10:32.
  • Fact – We need to obey Jesus’ command, Matthew 28:19.
  • Fact – We need to follow Jesus example, Matthew 3:13-15.
  • Fact – We need to get plugged in and join a local church, Acts 2:41.

God’s Provision:

  • Fact – Jesus began his ministry to others with baptism, Mark 1:9-11.
  • Fact – Jesus demonstrated baptism to us by being baptized, we should follow this biblical example, Mark 1:10.
  • Fact – Jesus told his followers to baptize, Matthew 28:19.

Our Response:

  • Act – You should find a local church to join and have them baptize you.
  • Act – You should be baptized to show that you are a follower of Jesus Christ, Acts 2:41.
  • Act – show others your commitment to your baptism, Acts 16:31-33.

My Commitment: What shall I do now?

  • Trust in Jesus for your salvation, not any good works you try to accomplish.
  • Find a local church to join and have them baptize you.
  • Follow Jesus example of baptism like being immersed in water, showing your identification with Jesus and His Church.
  • If you are willing to take the step of obedience and show others your commitment to Jesus, you can pray the following prayer for one like it.

“God, it is my desire to go pay you in to let others know I have new life in Jesus Christ. I pray that my baptism will show my love for you.” Amen.

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