Prayer Changes Me

Jesus was an advocate of prayer (John 16:23-24). If prayer did nothing other than what Jesus promised, it would be one of the greatest gifts God has given us.

Prayer changes us by drawing us closer to God, changing and molding us into his likeness in the process. David’s prayer in Psalm 25:4-5 is an example… show me, teach me, guide me. God shows us his standards and his will for our lives, it isn’t always easy on us. It requires growth and change. Once we accept what God would show us, he is able to teach us. When we are teachable and growing, he finally is able to guide us, to lead us into his purpose and plan.

  • When God shows me, he has my heart.
  • When God teaches me, he has my mind.
  • When God guides me, he has my hand.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the greatest answered prayer you’ve ever heard?
  2. Have there been events in your life where someone might have been praying behind the scenes for you?
  3. How will you describe your current prayer life?
  4. What can happen when a core group of people in our church begins to pray daily for the church and the pastor?
  5. What “great work” is God calling us to pray for?

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