Tips for Memorizing Scripture

Many people say they can’t memorize Bible verses, yet they can memorize phone numbers, birthdays, lyrics to songs, etc. Since the Bible is our only source for faith and practice, we need to hide its words in our heart (Psalm 119:11, 105)

  1. Write the verse and reference on an index card.
  2. Seek understanding. Read the verse in its context. For instance, for John 15:5 you might read John 15:1-17. Study the verse and try to understand what it means.
  3. Read the verse aloud several times.
  4. Learn to quote the verse one phrase at a time. Divide the verse into short and meaningful phrases. Learn to quote the first phrase word for word. Then build on it by learning the second phrase. Continue until you are able to quote the entire verse word for word.
  5. Repeat the verse to another person and ask him to check your accuracy.
  6. Review the memorized verse regularly. During the first week, carry the card in your pocket or purse. Pull it out for review several times daily during waiting periods—like riding an elevator, riding to work, taking a coffee or lunch break. Review the verse at least daily for the first six weeks. Review weekly for the next six weeks and monthly thereafter.

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