A Man Fell in a Hole

This is a modern parable. The video examines the life of a man searching through the false promises of other religions and finding his salvation in Christ. Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation that you couldn’t get out of? Perhaps you know people like this and you didn’t know how to help them, where do you turn? How do you get out? Our culture believes that there are many paths in life we can take, but this video illustration demonstrates that none of them will ultimately help you out of your situation.

This reminds me of the famous story about CS Lewis where he proclaimed the most distinguishing fact of Christianity. Here is a quote from Philip Yancey, What’s So Amazing About Grace? (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, 1997, p 45).

During a British conference on comparative religions, experts from around the world debated what, if any, belief was unique to the Christian faith. They began eliminating possibilities. Incarnation? Other religions had different versions of gods’ appearing in human form. Resurrection? Again, other religions had accounts of return from death. The debate went on for some time until CS Lewis wandered into the room. What’s the rumpus about? he asked, and heard in reply that his colleagues were discussing Christianity’s unique contribution among world religions. Lewis responded, Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace. Grace makes Christianity unique from all other religions because it marks the stark difference in believing in a God that will come down into a hole and pull you out of your mess, verses a God that requires you to earn its approval. When we search for God, the Bible promises that we will find Him. The difference between Christianity and other religions can be explained by the words Do and Done.

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