Reaching People for Christ

How can we reach people using our small groups, and therefore grow our Sunday School? It is the age-old question. It does not have to be that difficult if we follow a few principles that have proven to be successful all over the country:

  1. Faith: Understand that God wants to reach people more than we do. Let’s join His mission and see how people respond to HIM, not us.
  2. Pray: Face it, we’re involved in spiritual warfare, so let’s not charge the gates of hell without the One who told us, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)
  3. Love: Reaching people has always been relational. Let’s love people to ourselves, then to the group, and finally to Christ.
  4. Invite: it’s a no brainer, they will not come if we don’t invite them.
  5. TEAM Up: It’s true, Together Everyone Accomplishes More, so let’s organize our classes, share the load, and attempt something great for God.
  6. Gospel: Remember that gospel means “good news,” and never underestimate the power of the gospel. All things are possible with God.
  7. Process: Skip’s class on Reimagining Evangelism teaches us to get out from under the “presentation pressure,” and encourages us to just help people along a spiritual journey.
  8. Party: Christians should have the corner of the market when it comes to partying. People need to know that church is not boring, stuffy, old-fashioned or irrelevant. Have fun together and include others.
  9. Testimony: Encourage people to tell others in the group about how God is leading them. God-stories create community and excitement.
  10. Celebrate: Make sure to cheer when people come to Christ or get baptized, or have a spiritual victory in their lives. Celebrate events and anniversaries.

So, what keeps us from growing? Are there some things on this list that we can implement right away, and others we can work on for the glory of God? Is it out of the question to say we can grow by 10 percent over the next six months? Let’s embrace that goal which seems impossible, so when it happens, we’ll know it’s a God thing.

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