A Full Body Scan

I remember living in Richmond several years ago and while driving in to work every morning, there was this commercial on the radio for an imaging company that offered a special on a full body scan… although, I forget the name of the machine. A lot of men seemed to be getting these scans, especially as they approached age fifty.

As I read Psalm 139:23-24, I thought about how God can also do a full body scan! God can check the heart, the mind, the hands, the eyes, the feet, the mouth, you name it. I found the following questions helpful for every man to look deep inside where no one but you and God can see. Ask these questions and petition God to guide you on the road to everlasting life. 

  1. Have I been proud in my inmost thoughts, or “imagination”? Do I focus on myself and my selfish desires instead of the needs and desires of others?
  2. Do I blame or have I been judgmental of others?
  3. Do I get frustrated or even angry because people don’t respond exactly the way I want them to? Do I feel inadequate thinking I have nothing to offer?
  4. Do I spend much of my day dreaming or fantasizing about a life different than the one I have? Do I live in a state of real contentment, accepting and being grateful for what God has done for me?
  5. Where do I remain in denial about myself? If Jesus were sitting here with me (which He is!), what would He tell me about the true condition of my heart? What would He say about what needs to be dealt with?
  6. Where am I “digging in my heels” through pride, insisting that “I am right” about something at the cost of my relationship with my family, friends or co-workers?
  7. Is the Holy Spirit “haunting me” about something that I will not admit or agree with Him is a problem?
  8. Is the Holy Spirit convicting me while my pride pushes back insisting “I’m justified” in my resentment and anger about the issue?
  9. Am I being called to humble myself with someone, to settle a conflict or a difference, but my pride pushes back and says “No, I will not!”
  10. Have I been offended by someone that I will not forgive – really forgive – or am I holding onto resentment, anger, or bitterness towards this person? Do I replay the offense over and over again in my mind and justify the emotions I feel in the name of “Yes, but look at what they did to me!”
  11. Do I have things or people that I give more power and influence to then God Himself? This can be very subtle – is there anything in my life that bears more weight with me than what Jesus says about it?
  12. Do I care more about the approval I get from people than I do about pleasing God? Is there anything I care more about than pleasing God in secret obedience?
  13. Do I have a secret – something I am spending mental, emotional and spiritual energy to keep someone else from knowing – that I am hesitant to confess to God and to others, or even flat-out refuse God’s conviction to bring into the light?


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