30-Day Husband Challenge – Day 23

Day Twenty-three:

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Psalm 126:2

If a woman is honest, she will likely tell you that it was her husband’s sense of humor that won her over. Sure you have lots of wonderful, endearing qualities, but your sense of humor probably played a major role in winning your wife’s heart.

Joanne Woodward, wife of actor Paul Newman, said Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat.

When was the last time you and your wife laughed, really laughed together? Hopefully, it was yesterday or earlier today, but chances are good you haven’t heard a real good belly laugh from your wife in a long while.

Today’s challenge is to make your wife’s heart cheerful by making her laugh.

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

Did something funny happen to you that you haven’t shared with her? Does she have a favorite comedian or funny show that makes her laugh? Is there something that you do or say that makes her laugh every time you do it? Make your wife laugh today, whatever it takes.

* Written and distributed by Claudia J. Pate, www.theanniversaryshop.wordpress.com


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