Passion-Driven Sermon, Part 1

The Passion-Driven Sermon: The Passion-Driven Sermon: Practical Theology for Pastoral Preaching (Jim Shaddix).

  1. Preaching from a Biblical Perspective
  2. The Message of Preaching
  3. The Shepherd’s Stewardship in Preaching
  4. The Shepherd’s Power in Preaching
  5. The Shepherd’s Relevance in Preaching

Kim and I went to Music and Worship Week at Ridgecrest in 2006 and Dr. Jim Shaddix was the preacher for the event. I purchased his book and even bought the CDs of his main messages. Below are some notes regarding his book.

The forward by John MacArthur makes a comment about the decline of biblical preaching and a rise of great pulpiteers in modern society; a trend toward entertainment, oratory, people-centered messages. Popular books on preaching tend to emphasize meeting people’s felt needs, being relevant, being practical, being user-friendly, and being contemporary. He says modern preaching is self-consciously shaped to fit a pragmatic agenda of purpose-driven, rather than being compelled and tempered by a passion for faithful and courageously delivering the whole counsel of God. Shaddix gives us a biblical perspective on preaching; encouraging the preacher with a passion for God’s truth and advancement of God’s glory.

These posts are notes from the four sections I found most interesting (chapters one, four, five and six).

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