When Rebellion is a Good Thing

Rebellion occurs when oppression reaches a level that we can no longer tolerate in good conscience. It occurs when our vision for extraordinary living is more compelling than our urge for comfort and status quo. Materialism, toys and pleasure numb us while distraction and apathy work on us from the inside. Complacency will not help us to fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 1:18, 6:12).

It’s tough to live in America. With all the comforts, conveniences and choices, you may think I’ve lost my mind, but stay with me for a little bit. Those of use who have made a commitment to Christ, who have voluntarily chosen to follow Jesus as one of his disciples, who have chosen the narrow path over the lure of the wide and broad way (Matthew 7:13-14), we understand that our walk with Christ and our mission in the world are much more important than anything on this planet. We exist for a different purpose than the world around us. In everything we do, we seek to bring honor and glory to the God of our salvation (1 Corinthians 10:13, Colossians 3:17). The world desires to squeeze us into its mold, but we are to be transformed by the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:1), and this can happen only through the power of God.

We need to be rebellious enough to go against the current culture in America. Culture expects us to be sex-crazed, power-hungry, domineering, lovers of money, success, women, fortune and fame. Our culture tells us, “If it feels good, do it,” and to climb the ladder of success one rung at a time, no matter what the cost. Men all across the country have sacrificed their marriages, children and souls for temporal success, pleasure, comfort, fame or fortune. The one who has come to Christ has a new desire, mainly to be set free from the slavery of sin, its power and its consequences. Success must be redefined as faithfulness and integrity, rather than by the neighborhood in which we live, the club to which we belong, or the BMW in the driveway.

Are you someone who is disillusioned with pop culture and half-hearted Christianity? Would you consider partnering with God to change His world? The rebellion of which I speak is for those who are intensely passionate about Jesus and are determined to live a life of purpose. We must have a nothing-is-impossible mindset. Jesus is not meek and mild, but mighty and wild!

Consider these top 10 reasons to join me in this rebellion:

  1. You are intensely passionate for Jesus and His kingdom.
  2. You really want to live a life of eternal significance.
  3. You resent the apathy that derails many of Jesus’ followers.
  4. You’re willing to swim against today’s social currents.
  5. You know God is already stirring your heart for action.
  6. You’re looking for tools to empower your purpose.
  7. You want to live out God’s ancient wisdom in a relevant way.
  8. You desire to experience God and invite others into that experience.
  9. You’re absolutely dedicated to Christ’s lordship in your life.
  10. You’re ready to move in the power and authority of God.

Is this the anthem for the Men of Steel? Can we be radical and rebellious for the cause of Christ, changing the world, one man at a time?