Why is Gosnell Trending?

I have not heard about this in the main stream media, so who is Kermit Gosnell?

Kermit Barron Gosnell, 72, is an American doctor in Philadelphia who ran two multi-million dollar abortion practices. After a controversy nearly a year earlier, Gosnell was arrested in January 2011, charged with eight counts of murder: one patient who died under his care after a botched abortion, and seven infants born alive whose spinal cords Gosnell allegedly severed with scissors. A grand jury recommended charges of murder against Gosnell and several of his employees. CNN stated in March 2011 that prosecutors were considering seeking the death penalty. The trial began on March 18, 2013.

Apparently, major media outlets are ignoring any mention of the trial, but none of it surprises me.

Here’s why. The reason why Gosnell is on trial is because…

  1. A woman at his clinic died during the procedure.
  2. He murdered seven babies who survived the abortion.

The stories of the killings are horrific, including stories of snipping the spines of babies who were still moving. How anyone (pro-life or pro-choice) could not be outraged by this is beyond me.

So why not report on this otherwise newsworthy crime story? To do so raises an uncomfortable question, “Why is it murder to kill the baby after a botched abortion and NOT murder to kill the baby during the abortion? The only reason I can think of is location. It’s the same baby. It’s horrific when the killing happens on the operating table but it’s just abortive tissue when it is removed from inside the womb. Simply changing the location of the baby changes the same act from a woman’s choice to murder.

So why does the media ignore the otherwise newsworthy trial, while Twitter is trending today (April 12, 2013)? The best way to get “we the people” from asking basic questions of human life and justice is to keep it OUT of the media.

See the movie, October Baby.

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