Designed to Lead

Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck have put together one of the best books on leadership (and leadership development) in the church. Practical and applicable. Here are a few of the more thought provoking quotes from the book (this is sort of my online filing cabinet full of clippings). By all means, buy this book, it will change your life and ministry.

Key Quotes:

When ownership of God’s vision and God’s mission is the water our members swim in, there will be a great swell of emerging leaders desperate to be equipped for the task. Without ownership, our leadership development will be subjected to the futility of begging people to “step up” and minimizing the expectations to make sure it “isn’t asking too much of people.”

Dedicated to multiplication. In these last days, God has determined to use His Church as His primary agent in ushering in His Kingdom. This reality … [ Continue Reading ]

Connecting Increases Your Influence

In February, King’s Grant is taking a bold step toward developing leaders and securing potential leaders. For three consecutive Wednesday evenings at 6:00, beginning February 2, I will have the opportunity to guide the student and adult leadership in the art and science of connecting with other people. As a text, I will use John Maxwell’s book called, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People do Differently.

Connecting Can Make You or Break You: People cannot succeed in life without communicating effectively. It is not just about working harder. It’s not enough to just do a great job, to be successful you need to learn how to really communicate with others.

Connecting is the Key: Good communication and leadership is all about connecting. If you connect with others, you will have stronger relationships, improved community, increased teamwork, increased influence and your effectiveness will grow.

Connecting is the ability … [ Continue Reading ]