Completing Successful Projects

In a recent issue of Rev magazine (Nov/Dec 2006), Rick Warren outlined six principles to guide leaders in completing successful projects, whether that project is starting a new church, creating a new ministry, etc.  In doing so, he turned to the example of Nehemiah and his “monster project” of rebuilding Jerusalem ’s wall.

  • The principle of simplification – Keeping his plan simple, Nehemiah organized work teams around natural groupings of people who were already associated together.  “The point is – don’t create an organization if you don’t need it.”   Note: We already have groupings such as these in many of our churches – they’re called Sunday School classes!
  • The principle of participation – Nehemiah sought to get everybody involved in the project.  But, as with any group effort, there will be those unwilling to go to work (the people of Tekoa – … [ Continue Reading ]

  • How Important is Jesus?

    While more than 72% of Americans claim they’ve made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that’s important in their lives today, they’re not quite so dedicated in related commitments:

  • 17% say a person’s faith is meant to be developed mainly by involvement in a local church.
  • 44% say they committed to personally make the world and other people’s lives better.
  • 54% say they’re so committed to having a deeper connection with God that they’d do whatever it takes to get and maintain that deeper relationship.
    • Source: The Barna Group