Small Group Information

This page hosts many articles about small groups, leadership training, job descriptions, vision and strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission through small groups. The Great Commission commands us to make disciples, so how are we doing it in real life?

This video is a strong foundation for discipleship [ Go ]

  1. Barriers to Small Group Growth
  2. Marks of a Healthy Small Group
  3. Small Groups are Practical
  4. Being a Missional Sunday School
  5. Being a Shepherd of God’s People
  6. Teachers vs. Shepherds
  7. Bad vs. Good Shepherds
  8. Are You a Reluctant Small Group Leader?
  9. How to Spot a Disciple of Christ
  10. What Does a Disciple Look Like?
  11. Profile of a Small Group Leader
  12. Profile of a Small Group Coach
  13. How to Start a Small Group
  14. Sharing the Vision of Small Groups
  15. The Purpose of Small Groups
  16. How to Lead a Small Group
  17. Instant Bible Studies
  18. Sermon-Based Small Groups
  19. Summer Small Groups
  20. What’s the Bible Basically About?
  21. How to Build Trust
  22. Why Small Groups Don’t Work
  23. Teaching That Changes Lives


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