Commands of Christ

Table of Contents

  1. Commands Introduction and Foundation (the purpose, task, and process)
  2. Why Obey the Commands of Christ? (biblical benefits to being obedient)
  3. Post Resurrection Appearances of Jesus (a list of appearances)
  4. The Great Commandment and the Great Commission (worship, ministry, evangelism, discipleship)
  5. A Fully Devoted Disciple of Jesus (what a disciple looks like)
  6. Making Disciples Jesus’ Way (the process chart)
  7. Come and See: Invitation – Jesus is a Person Worth Investigating (the Master’s plan)
  8. Seekers Need Believers to Introduce them to the Authentic Jesus (warnings of false Christs)
  9. What Did the Disciples Actually Observe in Jesus? (things caught rather than taught)
  10. The Seven Signs in John’s Gospel (signs point to significance)
  11. Seekers Need Proper Christology to Investigate Jesus (who is Jesus, really?)
  12. What is the Meaning of the Term, Son of God? (Son of God, Son of Man, John’s gospel)
  13. Repent and Believe in the Gospel: Salvation (salvation, saving faith, repentance, godly sorrow)
  14. Fear is a Barrier to Faith (don’t fear men but the One who can throw you into hell)
  15. Greed is a Barrier to Faith (rich, young, ruler did not follow Jesus)
  16. Greed Builds Bigger Barns (wealth can be enjoyed when it is deployed)
  17. The Command of Baptism (what it is all about, identification with Jesus)
  18. Six Problem Passages Regarding Baptism (what it says is not always what it means)
  19. Writing Your Testimony (noting the testimonies of New Testament people)
  20. Come and Follow Me (first of four build commands, dropouts, peer care, peer share)
  21. Don’t Be Afraid of Fishing (the call to equipping, let nets down in deep water)
  22. Building Compassion for the Lost (Matthew’s party, Pharisees had no compassion)
  23. Jesus Values Availability (three would-be followers making excuses)
  24. How to Handle False Accusations, Persecution (rejoice, be glad, suffer for Christ)
  25. How to Become a Contagious Christian (salt and light, influencing others)
  26. How to Reconcile Relationships (anger, offending others, leave offering, murder)
  27. How to Avoid Sexual indiscretion (removing eyes/hands, personal boundaries, avoid sexual sin)
  28. How to Make Realistic Commitments (oaths, promises, commitments, swearing)
  29. How to Respond to Those Who Hate You (non-retaliation, act not react)
  30. How to Test Your Ministry Motives (religious activity to be seen by men, Pharisaism)
  31. How to Set Priorities and Overcome Anxiety (worry, temporal values, food, future, fashion)
  32. How to Avoid a Judgmental Spirit (what judging means and does not mean, discernment)
  33. How to Walk Circumspectly (with a heavy dose of “false prophet” teaching)
  34. How to be Receptive to God’s Word (parable of the sower, hearing God’s truth, obedience)
  35. How to Respect Aging Parents (Jesus calls Pharisees hypocrites over hand washing)
  36. How to Bear Your Own Cross (Jesus predicts his sacrifice and rebuke Peter’s response)
  37. How to Determine God’s Will and Purpose (hearing and determining God’s will and purpose) 
  38. How to Develop Hospitality (welcoming and including strangers, recognizing false teachers)
  39. How to Handle Confrontation with Others (conflict resolution and restoration in the church)
  40. How to Engage in Prayer (developing persistence and passion in prayer)
  41. How to Develop a Compassionate Heart (lost people matter to God, our evangelism)
  42. How to Forgive Others (those who have offended us, withholding forgiveness)
  43. How to Understand Singleness (lifetime marriage, divorce, wholehearted singleness)
  44. How to Engage in Child Evangelism (welcoming children while doing adult ministry)
  45. How to Become a Servant Leader (power, position, submission, suffering)
  46. How to Honor Government Authorities (paying taxes, politics, obedience)
  47. How to Love God and Others (the Great Commandment, worship, ministry, loving self)
  48. How to be Ready for the Second Coming (work, readiness, current living, signs, end times)
  49. How to Love One Another (community, sacrificially meeting the needs of Christians)
  50. How to Celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Passover, four cups, four meanings)
  51. How to Have Faith (trusting Christ in life during his absence, doing greater works)
  52. How to Abide in Christ (importance of dependency, sufficiency, bearing fruit)
  53. How to Become a World Class Leader (appearances, the Great Commission, making disciples)
  54. How to Define Evangelism (as well as outreach, witness, and the gospel)

[Based on my classes with Richard D. Leineweber, Jr. c. 2000]

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