The Hiring Dilemma

Would You Have Hired Any of Jesus’ Disciples?

This is a great question which leads us to hiring in the church. Well, that seems obvious to me because we are in the process of hiring a director of children’s ministries. There is the age-old debate on hiring for education and experience, but on the other hand we can hire for experience, character, and competence.

Listen to Craig Groeschel on the topic… it’s only about 5 minutes…

Hiring Principles of Jesus:

  • Jesus chose people others overlooked. We may find hidden or not so obvious talents and abilities.
  • Jesus passed on those trained by the traditional system. No religious leaders were a part of his inner circle. Maybe he could train them better than the tradition route. Spiritually minded business people might be better qualified than a seminary graduate. It depends on your culture and context. Jesus saw qualities in the … [ Continue Reading ]

  • DiscipleShift

    Jim Putman’s book called DiscipleShift is filled with great information. Here are a few quotes from my reading…

    What we need in our churches today are fewer “Christians,” at least in today’s popular definition of the word. Now, I don’t want fewer saved people. Far from it. I want as many to be saved as possible. But the point is that fewer than we think are actually saved. What I want are full-fledged followers of Jesus Christ, and to produce that in our churches today, we need a radical shift. We need more of the engine that Jesus used to change the world, the engine he instructs us to use. This engine will not create perfect churches, but it will create effective churches. It’s relational discipleship.

    The solution to our ineffectiveness as churches is to train people to be spiritually mature, fully devoted followers of Christ, and then in turn … [ Continue Reading ]

    Designed to Lead

    Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck have put together one of the best books on leadership (and leadership development) in the church. Practical and applicable. Here are a few of the more thought provoking quotes from the book (this is sort of my online filing cabinet full of clippings). By all means, buy this book, it will change your life and ministry.

    Key Quotes:

    When ownership of God’s vision and God’s mission is the water our members swim in, there will be a great swell of emerging leaders desperate to be equipped for the task. Without ownership, our leadership development will be subjected to the futility of begging people to “step up” and minimizing the expectations to make sure it “isn’t asking too much of people.”

    Dedicated to multiplication. In these last days, God has determined to use His Church as His primary agent in ushering in His Kingdom. This reality … [ Continue Reading ]

    9 Things a Leader Must Do

    These are my notes from reading Henry Cloud’s book called, “9 Things a Leader Must Do.” Get the book – it is brief, concise, full of illustrations and practical tips on becoming a more effective leader.

    Why do some leaders get and accomplish what they want as a matter of routine, while others seem to regularly experience frustration and setbacks? Why do some leaders achieve their goals and reach new heights, while others barely “hang in there” and survive? Based on his groundbreaking psychological study of the ways that successful individuals think and behave, Dr. Henry Cloud presents a simple yet profound road map to help leaders, and those who want to become leaders, arrive at greater levels of personal growth and corporate influence than they previously thought were possible. The good news for all of us is that leadership success is not limited to vague notions … [ Continue Reading ]

    Staff Renewal and Vision

    On May 7 the staff got together to discuss the impact of our days of renewal, in hopes of embracing a compelling vision, or at least that we will begin the formation of a vision of “the next” for King’s Grant. Here are a few of my notes and thoughts…

    If we are to be an equipping culture, we must decide if we are equipping people for a task/event or equipping them for a ministry (unleashing them for kingdom service).

    Let’s remind ourselves of the working diagram for our renewal time:

    When we speak of the kingdom, we are meaning the rule and reign of Christ in the lives of our people. This is why we exist, to equip believers for the work of … [ Continue Reading ]