This page includes messages I have given while at King’s Grant (the more recent ones are at the top of the page):

  1. Gear Up for the Game – A message delivered the Sunday before VBS 2018
  2. The Significance of a Life of Faith – Part of the Real Life series at KGBC
  3. Fully Engaged in My Church – how to be a happy and healthy church member
  4. Embrace the Master’s Plan – how Jesus equipped his disciples to reach the world
  5. Whether One or Many: the Home – part of a series called Home-Life 101
  6. He is Faithful to Complete it – Independence Day weekend 2016, God is faithful
  7. The Shepherd’s Sacrifice – on Mother’s Day 2016, focusing on the Good Shepherd
  8. The Shepherd’s Staff – trust God and have confidence in your staff who have been caring for you
  9. False Expectations – what does Jesus require of us; discipleship
  10. New Testament Discipleship – small groups and creating Sticky Faith in others
  11. Imitation Christianity – living a life worth modeling
  12. Life On Purpose – the reason for living a missional life
  13. The Superhero Within You – living life like the Good Samaritan
  14. The Keys to the Kingdom – on living a missional life
  15. Praying for the Church’s MVPs – Mission, Vision, and Proclamation of the church
  16. Facing Our Spiritual Immaturity
  17. The Best-Laid Plans
  18. How Do You Respond to Jesus?
  19. The Secret Things of God
  20. What’s New?
  21. How to Strengthen Your Mind
  22. Minding Your Mind and Emotions
  23. Living Life on Purpose – being diligent in life, avoid being a fool
  24. God’s Will and the Church
  25. Extreme Makeover: All Things Become New
  26. When Your Faith Falls Short
  27. Lessons From the Transfiguration
  28. Radical Transformation of Life
  29. Radical Commitment to the Bible
  30. First Dates and Road Trips
  31. Discipleship in 3D
  32. Coming to Grips with the Real You
  33. Love One Another: What Does Love Prove?
  34. Becoming Holy, Becoming Ourselves
  35. Being Thankful for Mentors
  36. Investing in Eternity
  37. Unleashing the Superhero within You
  38. Creative Ways to Disobey God
  39. Decision-Making by the Book
  40. The Fear Factor
  41. Marks of a Mature Christian



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