How to Experience Forgiveness

While the title indicate our desire to experience forgiveness, the point is how to release those who have offended us. Our passage is from Luke 17:1-10, and the key verses are Luke 17:3, 10. Purpose of This Study: The purpose of this study is to determine our willingness to grant forgiveness to an offending brother who repents. God wants us to forgive as He has so graciously forgiven us. The commands of Christ in this passage are found in Luke 17:3 – “Be on your guard! If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him.” Obedience to this command requires a forgiving heart that is willing to restore relationships that have been broken by sin. Historical Background: Jesus spoke these scathing words in His … Continue reading

How to Develop Compassion

Today we are on the topic of developing a compassionate heart, one that is concerned about others, primarily the salvation of lost people around us. The command is found in Luke 16:9, to Make Friends (aorist imperative). But, in order to understand Luke 16:1-13, we must go back to Luke 15:1-2. Passage for Today: Luke 16:1-13 – which is all about stewardship. You will notice this is the parable of the unjust steward. The main question has to do with why the rich man would commend his dishonest manager. A second question has to do with why Jesus cites the actions of the dishonest manager with approval, using him as an example for his disciples. Let’s deal with these in the lesson Group Question: When … Continue reading

The Keys to the Kingdom

Perhaps you have asked yourself questions like these: What does God want from me? How does he want me to live? I remember my early days as a believer, and I would often ask God to show me his will, reveal what he wanted from me. I remember finding verses like Micah 6:8, “He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” or 1 Thessalonians 4:3, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification;” or Romans 8:29, “For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son…” The goal back then was to be the … Continue reading

Make Friends to Make Disciples

The idea of living the Christian life is to impact those around you for the kingdom of God. Check out this challenging word from Rick Warren, based on Romans 12:16. Everybody’s looking for a true friend — not just acquaintances but people who are there with you when you need them most. God wants you to build true friendships with the people that are already in your life so that you can share the gospel with them. God has put these people — your co-workers and classmates, neighbors and teammates — in your life specifically so you can share with them about the most important decision they will ever make. If you don’t tell them about what Christ has done for them, then who will? … Continue reading

Millennials and Meetings

Every generation creates a new set of prime values to uphold and live out. The millennial generation (born 1980-2000) is now coming to adulthood and leadership. Here are three brief observations about working and meeting with millennials: 1. Don’t waste their time: Millennials value action, productivity, and efficiency above all else. With instant information and communication, the world’s problems are always in their faces. They perceive “to much to do and too little time.” Make sure you have a clear plan of action for every meeting. 2. Embrace flexibility: Google Docs, Skype, the GroupMe app, Facetime, GoToMeeting… all these help to decentralize workplaces and meeting environments. They allow for mobile presence. They have, of course, some inherent dangers, but it’s fruitless to fight the inevitable. … Continue reading

How to Engage in Prayer

Today we are looking into Luke 11:1-13 and Matthew 6:1-14. Between chapters 10 and 11, there is a time interval which is covered in John 9:1–10:21. 1 Luke 11 can be summarized by generosity: If Jesus, John the Baptist, and the Twelve all needed to pray, how much more do we need to pray! We must put God’s concerns first (Luke 11:2-4) because prayer is based on sonship, not friendship. God is a loving Father, not a grouchy neighbor; He gives us what we need. He neither slumbers nor sleeps; and He doesn’t become irritated when we ask for help (James 1:5). 2 Outline: Pattern for Prayer (Luke 11:1-4) a guide, rather than something to recite. True prayer has responsibilities (Luke 11:2) honoring God’s kingdom … Continue reading

DNow 2015

This past March we had our annual DNow weekend. Here are some photos in a slideshow put to music, (Jason Gray’s, I Am New). We are so please to have the best youth pastor ever, Beth Anderson, investing so much into the lives of our young people. The visiting worship team was from Christopher Newport University, and seven of the nine Bible study leaders were former students of the King’s Grant Baptist Church student ministry, who are currently making a difference on their own college campuses as well.

Praying for Our MVPs

My text today is from Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 1:8 The emphasis of this week’s chapter in the Thom Rainer book (I Am a Church Member) is on praying for church leaders, like… The staff, shepherds, and sheep His protection, perseverance, and preaching His physical, mental, and spiritual health His faithfulness, fidelity, and family, but let me broaden you prayer list to include… The church’s mission, vision, proclamation (MVPs) Mission Vision Proclamation Pray for the Church’s Mission: The mission of KGBC is Knowing Christ and making him known. This statement incorporates two main functions: evangelism and discipleship. If we don’t do these two things, we cannot call ourselves a church. To see how we align ourselves with the mission of the early church, let’s go … Continue reading

The Optional Gospel?

What part of the gospel is optional? This is our mission, God’s global purpose… This book takes you on a transforming journey in authentic discipleship. During his time as pastor of a large and wealthy congregation, David Platt began to see a discrepancy between the reality of his church and the way Jesus said his followers lived. In Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream, Platt examines how American Christianity has manipulated the gospel to fit our cultural preferences and challenges us to rediscover the path.

How to Handle Confrontation

Matthew turns to the question of appropriate action to be taken in case a Christian is guilty of sinning against another member of the community. Jesus taught that in such instances the aggrieved party should first take it up personally and in private with the one who acted wrongly. If that does not clear up the problem, the next step is to take one or two others along, not to prove the other’s guilt but to help in reconciliation. If the person pays no attention to them, the matter should then be reported to the entire church. If this fails to bring about a satisfactory resolution, the person who has wronged should be excommunicated from the religious community. In this section, Jesus provides an application … Continue reading